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The Meth Team

The Burger Shot Meth Team

The Meth team started after X told Marty to bring 2 employees he trusts to the new lab they found to cook meth. One of those employees was Chris Fox, also known as Cooking Class, the current leader of the Meth team and the lead cook. The Team currently consists of Chris, Mustard, Bear and Hingle. They have been producing massive amounts of methamphetamine, cooking up to 9 batches a night. The Burgershot Meth Team is currently involved in the Meth Conflict.


After Ming purchased a meth lab for $30.000 he contacted JP and asked if he was interested. As he already had a Team ready he told Chris to meet him and cook a batch with him. After a successful cook X gave the key to Chris to cook with the team and since Chris owns a house at sandy where the Laboratory is located it is easier for him to transport the goods. The Methamphetamine is stored at Chris' house and at Ming's warehouse. X has purchased a vehicle for Chris to keep the transportation of the goods lowkey.


- Chris Fox received a $100.000(via the transportation car Baller SUV) from the Bossman

- Mustard, Bear and Hingle each received $20.000 from The Bossman for their hard work.

Mustard, bear, hingle, and kizee, mustard's friend, all received 20k personally from Chris Fox's burgershot grinding money (made mostly before he started cooking meth)

Jean Paul then made a 250k payment to Fox, and he paid a total of 65k to Mustard, Bear, and Hingle, while Kizee the backup help and sometimes hired gun with 1/5th the cook exp was paid 45k.