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Gulag Gang also known as "GG" is a group formed by Jean Paul with his old city friends Mickey S (Up Good Michael), Randy Bullet (Roundy Buffet), Mari Posa (Maria Poser) as well as Curtis Swoleroid, Taco Prince, and Ming Jingtai after being deported from the main city to do criminal activities , heists , shootouts and taking over the city. While some members were going by their alter egos, others were operating under different names. Their connection from the gated city with Jean Paul brought them together in the early days of the purple county to set themselves as the ruling gang. They are also notorious for being the first group ever to succeed the max-security lower vault heist led by Jean Paul & the Vespucci Yacht Puzzle.

General Information

Regrouping by far the most talented criminals, the group consists of elite shooters, having already wiped out the PD several times in the city. Legendary drivers such as Ming, hackers such as X & Randy makes the crew vey versatile in any situation. Taking over many banks around the city, two members of the gang successfully cleared and bypassed the whole Vault by themselves (Jean Paul, Randy Bullet), making them the only group with the ability to rob the largest bank in the city.

Calling this city a "Gulag", the group of individuals seeks to only do high-tier crime, the group already had attempted multiple banks around the city and confronted many times the Los Angeles Police Department during several shootouts.

The Gulag Gang currently owns the Burger Shot under Jean Paul's leadership, and is also known for their "Recycling Cartel" in which they've monopolized the sanitation scene by employing many grinders in the city to supply them with thousands of materials to craft the high tier criminal equipment. Currently X and his crew are trying to breach the lower part of the vault, possibly his last job in the city for a while.

The GG also has a motto of never leaving a corade behind and going to extremes in order to save their members if they are in trouble with the police, in which they are notorious for saving each other multiple times if they get sent to the hospital or LSPD while holding the cops hostage or wiping them to save a teammate.

They also tend to tweet "GGEZ" after doing a successful job.

The GG is currently deep into the Meth production. Under the Grindfather’s teachings, they have been taught how to make batches of Meth correctly. X is also using several of his workers at Boorgir Shot to produce more meth in the public meth labs autonomously. They are currently waiting for the meth to dry so they can have an idea in how to make the purest product and push it around the city. A major part of the Meth Conflict.

Fanmade Songs

GG -Paff (De Facto GG Anthem)

1. Spotify: Gulag Gang New Anthem

X - Paff

Description: X and the Gulag Gang

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GGGreen - VD (Prod. by Lollypopbeats)

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VD - Bobcat (prod. by PROD. GAVIN)

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VD - New Paccz On Da Block (prod. by Prod Kell)

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