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Jean Paul is a character role-played by xQcOW.


Jean Paul was born in 1995. He is also most commonly referred to as "X".

Jean Paul otherwise known as X is a criminal mastermind & a serial bank robber, after being deported from another city, arrived to a new city which gave him the opportunity to have a fresh start. While becoming accustomed to the city he remembered that he worked for Burger Shot and wondered if he could get hired as an employee. Upon further inspection he found out the Burger Shot was looking for new Management, learning that he sent a letter to the Government of the city. The Government was able to reach out to Jean and give him ownership to all Burger Shot locations, Once having ownership he realized that he would have to hire employees, and people to manage the establishment while he was away. Jean instantly got to work and began to put out announcements that Burger Shot was hiring and was able to get many of interviews started. After a wave of 30-40 interviews Jean was able to narrow the crew down to about 8-10 employees, or "internshits" as X called them, he particularly liked Marty Shank's explosive energy towards working. Jean decided to give him the Manager position and have him control all the employees, and have them working properly. Once X recognize he was able to get away from the and the Burger Shot was stable without him, he decided to leave and continue the rest of day and leave Dean's World.

Unexpectedly he was approached before he even had the chance to leave the Burger Shot from the pier, by a man in monkey mask. The masked man pulled X aside and told him about Safe Cracking Tools. Which can lockpick the safes at the 24/7s and guarantee a green dongle according to the masked man. Jean Paul couldn't hold back his old tendencies from his history of being a kingpin of crime, he instantly made it his main focus to crack the safe. Once the masked man trusted X he told him his name was Tyrone Johnson, but to call him TJ, X as usual ignored him and called him Monkey man because of his mask. They began the job and got a car, as they arrived to the 24/7 on Great Ocean Highway they realized they didn't have a plan, and didn't know how long or what would happen if they cracked it. Despite them knowing that X still decided to crack the safe. He cracked the safe and was told to wait for five minutes. Monkey man suggested to hide on the roof of the building, but to their surprise only one police car showed up and cleared the building. Once they police finished up and left, X and Monkey man decided to check the safe and were fortunate enough to receive a green dongle. X came to realization that being deported they take your money away, but luckily Monkey man had some money. X wanted to pay the rest even though he didn't have the money, but X remembered he met OTT earlier, so he called him up luckily OTT still had the $5K welcome present from coming to the City. OTT agreed to pay but with a cost, that he would join in on the heist. X agreed and all three went along to successfully rob the Fleeca Bank, but not escape together. OTT was apprehended at a scene where a local crashed into the getaway vehicle, Monkey man was able to leave the scene on foot swiftly without cops chasing him, X was able to get back to the getaway vehicle and tried to escape the cops by taking a very high jump, landing and exploding the vehicle as it landed on its back. Monkey man was able to get away with half the bags of money and the blue dongle.

Jean Paul and his group, were the first team in the city to rob a Fleeca , Paleto , Vaults and the Bobcat Security Compound.

Once the three recollected together, they split their cash and OTT went on his way, but the Monkey man and X went on to plan the blue dongle. X while preparing for the Heist was called Randy Buffet and Michael S. also referred to as Mickey. Randy and Mickey were crime partners with X in bigger jobs back at the other city, so X was ecstatic to bringing them in on the job. While on the phone Randy got into a chase with police and told X to meet them at the Paleto Bank with the laptop and the hostage, and X agreed as he has done this before. While X and Monkey man were getting the getaway and the hostage, the other two were circling around Paleto Bay waiting for the signal. As X was arriving to the bank he saw Randy and Mickey being chased on foot by cops heading towards the bank. As X parked the car the police got confused, and the team announced they had a hostage and to not shoot. Once the all gathered in the bank X was ready to hack the back, and surprisingly completed it first try, so they proceeded to wait for the bank to open and negotiate with the officer at the door. After they collected all the cash and got a red dongle, they began the chase as X being the driver, and having two motorcycles under a highway in the middle of the city. Once they reached the bikes they all come out of the car, but the plan didn't go as thought. X and Monkey were able to get on the bike and drive away and lose the police chasing them quickly. Unfortunately Randy and Mickey couldn't get on bikes and had to hold up an officer to get away on foot, as they got far enough so no cop would follow they let the officer go and ran away. Randy called X letting him know they made it safe and to meet up at Burger Shot, so they can split the money. Making that the fist team to rob the fist Paleto in the city.

Jean Paul challenges seem to grow each day , managing the biggest food business in the city while being a serial bank busta make his story action packed as he try to succeed in both the business game and live up to be the biggest criminal in the city.

X is known to be the "Grindfather" and has many connections from the shallow to the deep ends of the city. Along with Vinny Pistone, they found the crafting table where many useful items can be made to be used in present and future criminal heists in the city. X is also known to be one of the, if not the most powerful figure in the city due to his connections (starting with Burger Shot) and his resources (Bank and on hand cash).

Jean Paul's Vehicle

Image Name Description
Jean Paul Prius.png Karin Dilettante After redeeming 90 dev coins which gave him $90,000.While working on the car at Benny's he thought of calling it the Burger Shot Mobile due to the color of it.

Image Name Description
Lamborghinimurcielagopublic.png Lamborghini Murciélago lp670sv Super Veloce After Robbing dozens of banks X managed to purchase the Lambo he had in the old city. It initially came in the color Black but X later changed it to Yellow as it is the Lamborghini official color. The Lambo was 897,000$ after tax which X managed to acquire on his 5th day in the city after selling 4 Inked Bags at full price to a grinder. He later changed it into a purple with a orange pearlescent and a purple under glow.