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Johnny Silverhand is a character role-played by Burn.


Johnny Silverhand is a Terrorist originates from Night City, he traveled to Los Santos to infiltrate in the Los Santos Police Department, his goal is to become the city police sheriff to gain the officers trust and then destroy the entire organization with a criminal army. While in Los Santos, Johnny has pranked many people in various juvenile ways before proclaiming "I'm Johnny Silverhand, and you've just been Cyberpunked™". Johnny used to be really tough with the criminals sometimes, especially when he is with another officer partner together, arresting people even for jaywalking, however this is all for him accumulate money to buy a house and stock up on all captured evidence and weapons secretly for the future chaos.

He tends to have some trouble with reality, as if he is "glitching". This typically involves mini seizures, sitting outside of a car and believing he is inside, t-posing, reading file directories, repeating dialogue, and so on. Fortunately, if an encounter breaks him you will always have the option to call customer support.


  • "I'm Johnny Silverhand, and you've just got cyber-punked."
  • "I'm Johnny cyberfucking Silverhand."
  • "Wake the fuck up, Samurai"
  • "I'm sorry, what was that? I didn't hear you, am I talking to a fucking wall? What the fuck is your name, Samurai?"
  • "..Hyeah."
  • "You think this is a-think this is a game?"
  • "If I want your body, I'll fuck it."
  • "Your Mom!"
  • "He must be Cyberfucked."
  • "ALRIGHT!"
Played By: Burn
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