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Marina Russo is a character role-played by YoureXNormal.

General Description:[]

Marina Rose Russo is a Prospect of the Lost MC: Green County Chapter. She was originally born in Algonquin, Liberty City to an Italian father named Vincent and a British mother named Eleanor. She was mainly raised in Liberty City, but also spent time in her mother's hometown city of Liverpool in England, as well as attending different boarding schools over seas. Before arriving in Los Santos, Marina spent an undisclosed amount of time traveling around Europe.


Marina’s birth is viewed as quite controversial within her family as she was the result of an affair.  Marina’s mother, Eleanor, moved from the city of Liverpool in England, to Algonquin, Liberty City in 1994 in hopes of starring on stage at the famous Seagull Theater in Star Junction, Liberty City.  In order to support herself, she took a job as a waitress in Marina’s father, Vincent’s family restaurant (a front for a faction of the Algonquin mob), leading to her parents meeting.  At the time of their meeting, Vincent was already married and had children, but they two began an affair anyway.  When Marina’s mother got pregnant, her father left his wife and married Marina’s mother.  Because of this controversy, Marina’s family tended to view her as an illegitimate member of the family and treated her mother as an outcast.  Marina also does not have very many memories of her older siblings.  

On the surface, things with her parents appeared happy but unfortunately, this was not always the case.  While her early childhood was pretty happy, Marina’s mother was often severely depressed due to never achieving her dreams of becoming a star as well as the treatment of her husband’s family.  Vincent was also spending an increasing amount of time with “work”. Things continued on this way for quite some time. One day when Marina was about 12, her mother left, basically overnight.  When Marina questioned what had happened, the only answers she was given were that Eleanor left due to her depression and inability to adjust to the way her life had turned out.  It was also heavily implied by her father that Eleanor blamed these issues on Marina’s existence. Being very young at the time, Marina believed everything her father told her and began to resent her mother and constantly fought with Vincent about anything and everything.  This led Marina to become increasingly angry at the world and as she got older the abandonment she felt by Eleanor got worse and it led her to begin abusing alcohol and other substances.  Marina also developed a bit of a gambling issue.  Because of Marina’s behavior, she was sent away to multiple boarding schools. As she got older, Marina began to reevaluate and question everything that had happened with her mother. After a lot of digging, Marina came to the conclusion that everything she was told regarding why her mother “left” was a lie, and Marina concluded that Eleanor's departure was not voluntary and that her father had done something to get rid of her mother.  Marina immediately came home from school and confronted her father, which resulted in an extremely heated argument between the two.  The argument led to Vincent disowning Marina from the family, as well as him implying that Marina would “never see her mother again.”  Enraged by the situation, Marina saw red and her anger got the best of her, leading her to shoot her father, putting him in a coma.  After this, Marina fled the country and began searching for her mother.  Ultimately, Marina knew she would never get answers but continued her travels anyway, vowing never to return to Liberty City.

Arrival in Los Santos and Finding The Lost MC:[]

In June of 2021, Marina’s travels led her to Los Santos.  Marina originally never planned to stay in Los Santos, but she fell in love with the city and decided to try to make it her home.  At first, Marina found herself having a hard time fitting in and finding her place in the city.  By July, ultimately feeling that she would never find her place, she decided it was time to move on and prepared to leave the city, returning to traveling.  Just before Marina was about to leave the city, she met Willow Lindberg at the apartments.  The two quickly bonded and Willow invited Marina to join the club she was part of, The Lost MC.  Marina gladly accepted, finally finding a place she felt she belonged.  Shortly after, Willow adopted Marina as her only daughter, giving Marina 4 new older brothers: Adam Zon, Aiden Kane, Josh “JJ” Joshua, and Ron Wild.


Marina comes off as quite friendly upon first meeting but can quickly become emotionally unhinged. She tends to quickly form emotional attachments to those she considers close family/friends and will often use alcohol as a crutch, especially when having a manic episode.


Marina has long, midnight blue colored hair, mainly worn down or partially pulled back.  She can also be seen wearing her hair up in messy space buns as well. Her eyes are green. She has two slits in her right eyebrow and wears dark eyeliner and eyeshadow and a nude lip color. She has a full skull themed sleeve tattoo on her right arm and another sleeve on her left arm, made up of my random characters such as a paper plain. She also has a dragon tattoo on her right thigh and leg, and a Moth with a dagger on her back. She will usually be seen wearing her Lost MC Prospect vest over various outfits such as a gray or black shirt, accompanied with jeans and combat boots.


  • "Hell yeeahhh!"
  • "Dipdipdipdipdip!"


  • Because Marina’s family viewed her as an illegitimate member of the family, they often undermined Eleanor's authority as Marina's mother. One example of this being the fact that while Marina's name is indeed "Marina", they insisted on referring to her as "Mariana", as this was Vincent's late grandmother's name. This was something that infuriated Marina growing up and is something she hates to this day.
  • Despite hating being called "Mariana", the only person that Marina will allow to get away with it is Hue Jonsin.
  • Marina's anger issues can come on quite easily and quickly, especially when someone or something she loves is threatened.
  • Marina is a sufferer of Chronic Migraines. These migraines can often last for days at a time. During these episodes, Marina is unable to leave her apartment or answer her phone. [1]
  • Marina often experiences Déjà vu
  • Marina is a heavy believer in conspiracy theories, some of her favorites being Multiverse Theory and the Quantum Immortality theory.
  • Normally, Marina types full words out in her texts messages but when she is drunk, she will abbreviate words such as “you” with “u” or “are” with “r”