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Maxwell Bartholomew Connorth II is a character roleplayed by fragszzx

General Description

Maxwell Bartholomew Connorth II is a Criminal that is a part of Sinister Souls & Full Time Burgershot Employee. He is a getaway driver and a avid racer under the alias "Chode".

Known fast talker and normally answers the phone going "Yo what's going on pal pal it's ya boy the one and only Maxwell Bartholomew Connorth II don't get that shit twisted pal bro new phone who this phone new who this" quickly.

Known for using his hands a lot when he talks and talking extremely fast, when explaining who he is he says his entire Full Name & Phone Number Including his State ID (Maxwell Bartholomew Connorth II, 415-803-1449 & 20195).

Creator of "Hold that Shit Down" & "Don't get shit twisted pal pal"

"Don't do murder but if u is goin do murder for some apparent reason that is unknown to my people, my culture hold that shit down".

"Don't get shit fucking twisted or I'll suck ur dick dry!" '

Friends of Maxwell Barholomew Connorth II