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Ming Jingtai is a character role-played by Ming.

General Information[]

Ming ventured into the city on June 4th 2021 after being locked up in prison for 3 years. The rumours from his life before prison venturing with him; his insane driving and shooting skills.

On Ming's first day back in Los Santos, he reconnected with his old friend Vinny Pistone and was introduced to Jean"X"Paul through him. With Jean, Ming jumped back into the deep end of crime. "X" also introduced him to Marty Shanks- the three of them creating Gulag Gang together and continuing to be close friends.


  • Ming is known to have created most of the 4 wheeled escape routes in the city before he was sent to the Gulag for 3 years, which CG and other crims still use till this day.
  • Ming almost always accepts a job, no matter how ridiculous it is.
  • Ming is the only driver in the city to have mastered the art of counter-steering.
  • His signature escape is known as the "Ming Special". Done at the construction site.