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Ming Jingtai is a character role-played by Ming.


Ming recently came in the city after being in jail for 3 years. Met up with an old pal Vinny and began showing him around the city and taking him to the biggest criminal in the city Jean Paul. Jean began to show Ming all the ropes of crime. Ming has also shown that he is an impeccable driver and has escaped the police with not much hassle. He is Jean Paul's most loyal comrade, and also advises him with various activities. Ming almost always accepts a job, no matter how ridiculous it is. He also helps explore the city for new heists and shops.


  1. Ming is known to have created most of the 4 wheeled escape routes in the city before he was sent to the Gulag for 3 years, which CG and other crims still use till this day.
  2. Ming is the only driver in the city to have mastered the art of counter-steering.
  3. His signature escape is known as the "Ming Special". Done at the construction site.
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