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Raul P. Check is a character role-played by Burn.


Raul P. Check assists his many brothers in the family trade of purchasing stolen goods. Before he is willing to buy stolen goods off strangers, he asks them for a story behind the item and why he should buy it. He is very inquisitive of anyone who approaches him, and wants to know what their desires are in life. He gives people who have a pleasant interaction with him money, and how much money depends on how well they can answer Raul's questions.

Raul spends most of his time at a shack in the woods, along with his brother Jerry and son Jeffery. This shack is the primary location that criminals come to sell their stolen items.

Raul is a believer in various conspiracy theories. He runs a Facebook page, along with a podcast called "Raul's Reptiles" where he explains his thoughts on these theories.


Raul served 25 years in the army, and is divorced to Sherry.


  • "Do you enjoy?"
Played By: Burn
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