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The Recycling Cartel is an organization created by Jean Paul to monopolize the entire Recyclable market. The cartel is primarily based in the city of Los Santos with several operations mainly in the Sanitation area, Burger Shot, and the Apartments. Recycling Cartel has gathered trusted grinders to buy materials off of them and sell them lockpicks.

The Big Day and the Economy Crash

When Jean Paul discovered the crafting bench he decided that he can profit off of that. Thus he started buying Materials at 7$ per material. After he created his first batch of lockpicks he quickly realized that he doesn't have to underpay for the materials. He started selling the Lockpicks at 3500$ a piece, the price fluxuated between 2500$ and 4000$ depending on the buyer. He then started buying materials at up to 12$ a piece assuring him more customers and not a big difference in profit. For every lockpick he crafted he made thousands of dollars in pure profit. Since he was selling hundreds of lockpicks at crazy prices to everyone in the city he possibly changed the cities economy for a couple of hours since people were dumping all of their money on lockpicks.

The Crafting Bench Ghosts and the Downfall

Since Jean Paul has a lot of eyes on him he knew that the crafting bench won't be secret for too long so Ghosts appeared to keep it a secret. They were usually friendly and were haunting the ones that were discovering the bench by watching Paul from a distance. Unfortunately the Ghosts weren't able to keep up with the intruders so the market for the lockpicks opened up and the prices dropped by 650%. That day the reign of the Cartel ended. The Cartel is still buying materials and crafting lockpicks for personal use, they are also crafting guns, ammo and thermite.

-OOC events: The Bench got stream sniped and the admins couldn't keep up so they moved it to every warehouse that is purchased.