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Trayvon Glockson[]

Played by a Pimpnamedripbac


Trayvon also known as Tray is a 21 year old male born in Canada on dec 31 1999 was a very smart and angry fella in his early days of youth Tray would attend school but often not do his work in class and seed himself in many of fights most of which he did not lose. But in the manner he did lose his opps always had a great deal of respect for him as even if he lost he would take the L and go for W next time he was always a fair guy and had respect but his temper made it very hard him to stay out of fights and even make friends. he spent most of his years a solo in canada often in jail or on the run as he loved that fast money and would stand his ground when it came to deal the time. by this time Trayvon has been to jail 5 times before the age of 18 which while put away he thought to himself its time for a change and a move he was locked up for armed robbery at the time for 2 years after his time severed he then left canada and moved to los santos. first day in los santos Trayvon thought he'd try a legal route and find a job as a mech at the local car shop called strong motors it was going well at first put tray deep down knew he was build for the street life upon talking to his boss his boss told him about the gang the ballas but tray was unsure if he wanted to tied to a gang so he went out to start robbing houses. two days robbing tray started to feel lonely and angry with himself he wanted a family to be around people who like him for him so that day he went to grove st in search of the ballas. the Ballas seemed to like tray of the get go as they saw that fire burning with in him and they could tell he was all bout that street life so they took him in made him feel like family and showed him the drug game where tray put his time and focus into to make that money and look out for his fellow brothers. till this day tray still rocks with the ballas as the second in command as he worked his way up though the streets gaining respect from fellow gangs and familys trayvon was becoming know as a man who works hard to his goals and will stop anyone who tries to get in his way. he was also known in the gang as man who lifts people to there goals even tho he is mean angry and will fight anyone win or lose. people say trayvon is for the people and he lives up to that.

things trayvon like to do[]

1. rob cops / make em do push ups

2. jewelry / banks

3. cook up dat work

4. post up at the gas station

5. listen to chief keef/ rap

6. help other gain riches

fun facts about trayvon[]

1 Trayvon is know by pd to always take ankles in foot chases

2 is probably the worst driver in the city

3 has never hit a bank of any kind

4 knows Russian

5 never removes his mask besides to eat n drink


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