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Willow and Ulfric on top of the watch tower at the Mirror Park Clubhouse

Willow is a character role-played by murartski

General Description[]

Willow Elizabeth Lindberg is a young MC leader in NoPixel, Orange County. Originally she was working towards becoming a local soothsayer; however, due to her erratic nature she somehow became a co-leader of the Lost MC. Despite her affiliation, she doesn't partake in any criminal activities.


Generally a cheery person, Willow easily connects with people of all walks of life. However, she can be sensitive, overly-dramatic, and has an awful jealous streak. Some have a hard time keeping up with her, as she bounces from place to place quickly-- there are many things to see and do in the city, and she wants to be involved in as much as possible.

Willow is a TERRIBLE drunk (absolutely sloppy) -- many times, boys from the Lost MC have to baby sit her when she's been drinking.


Coming from a long line of witches, her family fled decades ago to the wave eroded coastal town of Wainwright, Alaska. There she lived with her six sisters, one older brother, two uncles, her mother, and father. Being the youngest, she generally was ignored by her parents and she liked to spend time out in the woods exploring with the kids from the city.

At the age of twelve, her father decided that she needed to toughen up, as her father was a rough woodsman. He took her out into the wilderness, leaving her there with only a pocket knife. His instructions were clear, "Find your way home if you think you can."

Willow barely survived, living off bugs, moss, and melted snow. When she found her way home, her family was nowhere to be found, and to this day she believes that they were trying to get rid of her. This planted a seed of extreme feelings of shame and abandonment.

Luckily, her aunt Celeste remained in the city and took her in. She trained Willow in the art of reading Tarot Cards, spell casting, and dowsing.

One night, Willow had a prophetic dream of herself standing on a sunny pier with a Ferris wheel behind her. Once she could save up enough money reading tarot to people over the internet, she bought a plane ticket to the sunny city of Los Santos.

The Lost MC[]

One day while walking out of the apartments, a shirtless, bearded Scotsman approached her and asked her if she would be interested in joining a motorcycle gang. Willow found the man, who introduced himself as Ulfric Ironhands, very interesting and agreed almost instantly.

Quickly, Ulfric saw that Willow was great with people and asked her to become the public face of the MC. Willow wasn't exactly open to a life of crime, so it worked well for her. She became the leader of what Ulfric called, "The Angels," a division of the MC that focuses on public outreach and public relations. Most of the angels have a squeaky clean record, and know nothing of the criminal side of the Lost MC. However, the Angels are heavily protected by the other members of the MC.

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In recent events, Willow has been cleared to know about the happenings of the club but not participate. Willow asked for this information so that she would be better prepared to make educated decisions within the club and be more useful.

Rumor has it that soon the Angels will be allowed to partake in some questionable activities, as long as it doesn't hurt anyone.


Currently, she is employed at Burger Shot

The owner of the Orange County Burger Shot, Ryan Richo, drives Willow insane. She feels like he brings out the worst in her. During her interview to become a part time employee, she almost walked out because of Ryan. However, she was able to finish the interview and she was hired on the spot. After working some time, she was fired by higher management. This infuriated her with all the time that she had put into the restaurant, and in a blind tantrum she ordered her son JJ to shoot him the night before his wedding. Ulfric gave her a very angry, stern talking to and punished her for her actions, explaining that she almost started a gang war over a job. He stripped her of her Secretary vest and forced her to wear an Old Lady vest for a week. Ryan still brings up the incident from time to time, and it makes her heart sink every time.

Willow quit her job at Hayes to try and free up more time to focus on her job in the Lost MC. However, she ADORES the head manager Percy Hunt. They have a very flirtatious relationship that confuses a lot of people. She would go back if she had more time, but she can hardly pay attention at Burger Shot as it is so she'd rather not waste Percy's time.

Cara Bloom[]

Due to Willows sociable nature, she has gained many friendships.

During her first few weeks in the city her ex-best friend Tomathy (who had helped her around the city her first few days) had Lonny Lassman smack her in the face with a shoe. She was devastated, and quickly placed an ad in the yellow pages for a new best friend. The first one to answer the call was Cara Bloom, a volunteer EMT. They went hunting together and they instantly clicked. Willow felt like it was fate they had met.

However, upon ordering a hang around to shoot one of Cara's close friends in the back of the head for Disrespecting the Lost MC, and monopolizing the EMT's time, Cara and Willow ended their longtime friendship. This manifested deep feelings of grief in Willow, Cara's words making her question her morality. Maybe she was a monster...

So many Sons, and one daughter...[]

Willow grows attached to people easily, and within the Lost MC she quickly became a mother figure in the gang. As a joke, she looked to one of the members and said, "You're my son now," and the member said, "Okay, Mom." After this, she decided to adopt 8 additional members.

Willow and Aiden

Aiden Kane- Hailing from Franklin County in Southwest Virginia he's a skilled Enforcer with a quick mind. Probably (Most definitely) her favorite son. He always answers when she calls, and asks her how she's doing. Aiden is always the first one there to protect her when someone decides they want to kill Willow.

Adam Zon- One of the Villains, soft spoken and calm-- but is very dangerous. He's usually seen with his girlfriend, Jenna Pierson.

Josh Joshua (JJ)- A curly haired Enforcer who she met while trying to prank ex-police officer, Brett McCool. He was quick to play along, and dressed up like a male stripper for Willows cause. After that, he stuck around and quickly became one of Willows sons. He calls Willow, "Mother."

Razer Jones- Back before the Lost MC was official in Orange County, Razer wore the Lost MC hoodie before anyone else. Once Ulfric decided to commit to the MC, Razer was instantly pulled into the group. Willow finds him to be polite and gentle, however she knows that he isn't afraid to get his hands dirty. Razer saves up Burger Shot toys for her, he's the main reason she has such a large collection.

Recently, Razer was beaten and fined by Ulfric Ironhands for bludgeoning Willow with a sledgehammer in a desperate attempt to try and get her to talk out a problem with Scara D. Kat.

Jax- An ex veteran who at times can be very reclusive at times. Willow has observed him to be the kind of person that doesn't start fights, but he ends them.

Samuel Gonzales- Willow doesn't like to talk about it.