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Yuno Syk is a character role-played by Sykkuno.

General Description[]

Yuno Syk is a Ranger for the San Andreas State Park Rangers, Badge #240.

With a desire to help his community and catch criminal scum, his kind demeanor and gentle approach to criminals paired with his unmatched desire to taze, spike and shoot at everyone makes him an interesting member of the force.

When asked about his motivations to join the Police Force, Yuno mentioned that criminals had recently stolen a steak from his dog, Bimbus and he wanted to get revenge by capturing as many criminals as possible.


When he arrived to the city, Yuno Syk sported a green suit jacket and an armor-vest replica over a white collared shirt, as well as a black bike helmet (which he wears due to his insecurities about his lack of eyebrows) and white and green, glow-in-the-dark shoes.

Becoming a Ranger, Yuno kept certain elements of his favorite outfit, his pants green, his shoes showing a striking resemblance to his favorite pair, and the gloves on his hands still very much present. More importantly, Yuno managed to convince his superiors of letting him keep his helmet on, his distinct silhouette untouched. He was later scolded by Captain Maisy Graves, who informed him that he needed to change his uniform slightly so that it'd match better with the rest of the department's.


Yuno is known to be incredibly kind to others, his polite behavior reaching law enforcement officers and criminals alike. He's also very excitable, often running around happily as he waits for an interesting crime to be reported, always ready for a chase (and perhaps a shootout) and running away from paperwork and long, tedious activities such as processing a scene. Constantly impatient and easily distracted, Yuno's childlike glee is often taken with fondness by other officers, sparingly causing tension by the more serious, by-the-books cops who will try to "correct" his behavior. However, the Ranger is smart enough to walk out of such situations, respecting everyone's work ethic and trying his best to keep the group dynamic positive.

He's very charismatic, able to talk his way out of awkward situations with his superiors, and capable of keeping even hardened criminals relaxed and generally non-violent, his abilities to defuse a situation only countered by his natural desire to mess around with people and play around with the always dangerous criminals. Still, Yuno has shown to be relatively fearless and will often try to have light chatter with even those who have shown they can harm him (such as criminals who are ready to shoot their guns), a behavior that is only exacerbated by his general lack of concern for his own life.

Showing a natural interest in getting himself involved in dangerous situations such as shoot-outs, and with a clear desire to harm people in light, (most of the time) non-lethal ways, it is unclear whether or not Yuno will remain much time in the force, particularly with his inclinations towards illegal actions. Constantly accepting bribes and being willing to let most criminals go in favor of searching for more interesting events, it is clear that Yuno didn't exactly join the force with the safety of the city in mind, but rather for his own amusement and need for adrenaline.

Momentous Dates Within the PD[]

Rank Insignia Note Date
Hired; Badge #240 June 10th, 2021


  • Yuno and his friends often acknowledge that the happenings around the city are just a shared dream.
  • The first time he fired a taser, he nailed the shot and got a man through a window on a moving vehicle.
  • He almost accidentally breached the first bank robbery he attended.
  • He once struck a deal with Captain Maisy Graves: if he managed to kill 100 criminals (using only a glock), she'd give him a grappling gun.


  • "(Park) Ranger Yuno on-dooty!"
  • "Can we shoot them now?"
  • "Surrender or die!"
  • "Let’s get ‘em, boys!"
  • "You just shot me, of course I can search you."